How We Work

Michelle is involved in every Engagement Plus project and brings her individual energy and enthusiasm to every project we undertake, Michelle’s expertise as a communicator is an essential asset to any project, big or small. Drawing on a diverse range of commissions and consultancies provides a unique framework from which Engagement Plus is able to impart experience, ideas and knowledge with confidence.  The strength of our communication skills enable us to connect to people on all levels ensuring that participants feel their views acknowledged and their contribution valuable.

At Engagement Plus we strive to understand your project requirements, the outcomes that you seek and an approach that is going to add value and where necessary build capability.  This enables our services to be tailored to each client’s specific requirements rather than just a common “off the shelf” approach.  Engagement Plus is committed to keeping up to date with current trends and techniques in order to provide contemporary solutions to your needs.


Engagement Plus utilises Zing Enabled Technologies, a computer based brainstorming technology which aids group cohesion, assists in comprehension of complex, rapidly changing situations, maximises team output and facilitates group agreement for immediate action.  Our interactive and focused approach, combined with the use of this software, maximises productivity and output from team sessions.

Whether it’s Zing Enabled Technologies or active theatre participation, Engagement Plus knows the tricks to gain maximum input from all attendees.  We offer innovative, fun and energetic approaches to public and team participation, ensuring session goals are achieved and the project can progress to the next stage.

Memberships and affiliations include:

  • Member Local Government Managers Association (Qld) Inc
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Management
  • Member International Association of Public Participation (IAP2)
  • Mediator with Alternative Dispute Resolution Branch, Department of Justice
  • Member Team Management Systems (TMS) Network

Engagement Plus’ experience provides an extensive ‘toolkit’ of approaches with which to achieve our aim – Successful outcomes for our clients.