Training programs

International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Certificate Program

Michelle Feenan has trained more than 480 people Australia wide in the IAP2 Certificate Program. Clients have included Brisbane City Council, Logan City Council, ACT Government, Central Highlands Regional Council, Thuringowa City Council and Elton Consulting.

Project                 Tailored Community Engagement Training
Client                   Latrobe City Council (Victoria), November 2011 – ongoin

Engagement Plus has been commissioned by Latrobe Regional Council to deliver a tailored capacity building program to internal staff. We have designed an innovative range of measures incorporating pre-training engagement, tailored training to varying audiences within council and mentorship support to complement and follow direct capacity building initiatives.

This partnership is in its early stages, however, it is aimed for this capacity building program to support the building of an organisational framework for engagement practice. Through developing a shared understanding of what constitutes effective engagement, staff will have a common platform for planning, evaluating and improving engagement processes.

Project                 Community Engagement Training
Client                   Coffey Sport and Leisure (Victoria), September 2011 – ongoin

Engagement Plus has designed an innovative program for staff of Coffey who engage with communities through their role in sports and leisure planning. Coffey is a specialist professional services consultancy with expertise in geosciences, international development and project management. The program designed for Coffey has a number of facets including extensive pre-training needs analysis to understand participants’ level of engagement experience, areas of engagement theory and practice they are confident and less confident in and skills and knowledge they feel would benefit their practice. Learning needs analysis occurred through one-on-one conversations with staff. Following the learning needs analysis phase and taking into account participant experience and outcomes from the analysis, a training program was developed and delivered to the whole group. Post-training, further one-on-one conversations were held with staff to develop individual Action Learning Programs. The group came together again for short workshops to review company systems to incorporate refined practice approaches, templates and consolidate learning outcomes. The full program will be delivered over a period of four months and include regular mentoring opportunities provided by Engagement Plus.

Project                 Community Engagement Training
Client                    City of Fremantle (Western Australia), February-March 2011

Engagement Plus was commissioned by the City of Fremantle to design and deliver a customised community engagement training package for staff and elected members at the City of Fremantle in line with the Council’s recently approved Community Engagement Framework.  Engagement Plus designed and delivered a:

2 day in-house community engagement training program which focused on the purpose of engagement and how it relates to Council’s core business, the benefits of community engagement practice, key principles for effective community engagement practice and key steps involved in developing a community engagement plan.

2 x 2 hour workshops for decision makers (elected members, managers) that examines the foundation of community engagement from a decision-makers perspective.

Project                 Community Engagement Training
Client                   Greater Taree City Council (New South Wales), March 2011

Greater Taree City Council approached Engagement Plus to enquire about training options to support the implementation of their community engagement policy and guidelines as it was recognised that there needed to be a more consistent approach to engagement within the organisation. There were varying levels of experience amongst staff that needed to be accommodated. A two-day program was developed in response to Greater Taree’s requirements and included: determining the scope of projects; identifying stakeholders, risks and opportunities; developing community engagement objectives; managing stakeholder expectations and level of influence; and evaluation and reporting on engagement processes. This content was interspersed with engagement techniques and multi-media presentations to reinforce new concepts and learning.