Organisational and Team Development

The Engagement Plus team’s strengths in developing individuals, teams and groups, helps our clients achieve their goal of developing active and sustainable communities.

Our Team Development service assists client with capability building, change management, coaching, management and leadership training and skills auditing.

Team Management Systems

A crucial component of our Team Development service is team profiling, which we undertake by utilising Team Management Systems (TMS). TMS profiling requires individuals to complete a brief online questionnaire, which is then analysed to determine individual work strengths and preferences.

Each participant receives a comprehensive profile that is explained in depth during a one-on-one or group session. A personalised workbook is utilised during the session to enable greater insight within the team framework.

For the client, TMS profiling provides a better understanding of its team, allowing an overview of strengths and preferences, and the ability to knowledgably position individual members to create a balanced, skilled and engaged team.

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