Community Engagement Training – IAP2

Engagement Plus delivers the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2)’s Certificate in Engagement and  advanced electives via face to face and virtual classroom deliveries.  Our principal trainer Michelle Feenan is a course developer of many of these courses in the training program.

The IAP2 Australasia Certificate in Engagement is designed for the emerging practitioner, and takes a holistic approach looking at the many perspectives and facets of engagement in the modern context.

Divided into three modules (two and one-day modules) over five training days. One of the two-day modules can be substituted with two one-day electives, enabling greater flexibility for the learner to choose their own learning pathway.

Course Descriptions

Engagement Essentials

This prerequisite for IAP2 Australasia’s Certificate in Engagement, will teach the key models of engagement and practice. This course will give a foundation understanding of essential elements of a ‘best practice’ model for engagement.

Engagement Design

The two-day Engagement Design course delves into the detailed requirements of planning a successful engagement process. Taking a step-by-step look into the detail of the Design, Plan, Manage Model. This course will be give you the skills to form an appropriate ‘best practice’ design plan for any internal or external engagements.

Engagement Methods

Engagement Methods challenges you to; assess the appropriate method(s) to achieve your outcomes, consider new methods, and question what you’ve done before. This course will ensure you are able to focus on generating effective communication and constructive dialogue with stakeholders and the community.

Conflict in Engagement

Exploring the five dimensions of conflict in the engagement context, this course will have develop skills to enhance your ability to approach engagement situations that might trigger conflict.

Engagement Evaluation

The aim of Engagement Evaluation is to calibrate your critical thinking. We will challenge you with current ‘best practice’ – which we all think we know – and working out the reasons why we are often underwhelmed with the results. This course you will have enhanced your knowledge with regard to accurate and relevant methods of engagement evaluation.

Engagement Facilitation

The aim of Engagement Facilitation is to develop the skill to facilitate live events in the moment. Using a model called the “3 ‘P’s” of Facilitation, you will explore the drivers of a successful facilitation style and ability. After all, it is about you; your ability to move others to an acceptable outcome. Facilitation skills in the engagement context is an essential career skill and in one day you can enhance your confidence. This course will have enhance your ability to respond appropriately, generating confidence in, and support for, your facilitation approach.

Engaging with Influence

Engaging with Influence provides tools and knowledge to assist you to build your professional credibility and to ethically influence other professionals, senior management and community members. It offers key professional development skills for our engagement context. This course will enhance your professional impact and presence.

Other Training Electives

Advanced electives are for experienced engagement professionals designed to stretch you as an individual and as a practitioner, as you take a deep and analytical dive into advanced engagement.  The training is suitable for:

  • Experienced community engagement professionals
  • Managers of engagement teams
  • Lead decision makers of engaging organisations
  • Leaders of organisations that wish to become more engaging

To be eligible you must have one of the following certifications:

IAP2 Australasia Certificate in Engagement IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation (prior to 2014) IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation