Waste Strategy 2018 – 2028

Fraser Coast Regional Council

What was this project about?

Fraser Coast Regional Council’s waste management team determined that the purpose of the proposed engagement plan would be to seek stakeholder views on their strategic vision for waste management within the Fraser Coast region for the period 2018-2028 and beyond; as well as to capture data on specific waste management services that would be a practical delivery of that strategic vision.

What we need to do

Engagement Plus was commissioned to support the technical consultants Resource Innovations with their development of a Waste Strategy for the period 2018 to 2028.

The engagement program was designed to ensure that all stakeholders could provide any feedback or suggestions on waste management that they wished to communicate for the Council’s consideration. However, to ensure that the project team received specific feedback on the different service options being proposed, the program’s engagement and communication tools were structured into different topic areas to assist in encouraging engagement, discussion and feedback.

Topics included Strategic Vision, Improving Recycling Services, Green Waste & Organics/Food Waste, Waste Transfer Stations: Hours and Network, Resource Recovery Improvements, Educational Programs and Fraser Island Waste Services.

A range of engagement methods were used including deliberative forums, Appreciative Inquiry workshops, market stalls, school-based workshops and online platforms. A series of fact sheets and feedback forms helped to break down a large amount of information into themed Focus Areas.

What was achieved

Over 2,000 contributions from many stakeholders across the region and engagement activities drew out key themes, concerns and issues for the community around waste services in the Fraser Coast to inform the Waste Strategy.